Cost Estimation Lead - 6 month Contract

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India | Procurement | Full-time


Cost Estimation Lead



This role is for a contract position for 6 months, depending on requirement and performance, the candidate may get an extension or can be hired as a full time employee.

The candidate’s task is to ensure consistent management of all procurement proposals and contracts. This generally includes oversight of the Projects procurement process, as well as development of specific standards for RFX, contract negotiations and document management. The candidate's role in the Capex requires close collaboration with various stakeholders, including Projects, Interior Design, MEP, ICT, Architects etc.. 



  • Construction technology and environmental services for domestic and more complex buildings
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the principles of design and construction relating to your chosen field of practice.
  • Apply your knowledge to the design and construction process to enhance the service you provide as a Quantity Surveyor
  • Advise on the selection and application of processes as a Quantity Surveyor.
  • Evaluate the impact of different building regulations and standards have on the construction process in terms of cost and schedule


Procurement and tendering

  •  Define the relationship between the way a project is structured and delivered in terms of risk allocation and contractual relationships
  •  Explain how tendering processes are used to establish contract price
  •  Compare the different types of procurement and tendering commonly used in construction
  •  Assess the advantages and disadvantages of the different type of types of procurement and tendering processes
  •  Chose the appropriate type of procurement and tendering process based on the project type


Design economics and cost planning

  •  Define a cost plan
  •  Explain how cost plans are developed and their overall importance to the construction project.
  •  Describe the contents of a cost plan
  •  Relate various estimating stages and with stages of the design process
  •  Examine the factors that affect cost planning, building costs and costs over the lifespan of a building
  •  Describe how costs in a cost plan are grouped (CSI trade codes)
  •  Knowledge of how cost data is collected and processed
  •  Understanding of whole life costing, sustainability and the classification of costs


Quantification and costing of construction works

  •  Describe the principles of how projects are quantified and costed
  •  Identify of the various pricing schedules and when they are used and utilized
  •  Determine what is included in a pricing schedule
  •  Identify how measurements are obtained and how drawings are ‘taken off’
  •  Identify standard methods of measurement and how standardisation is used - ICMS, NRM.
  •  Preparing and issuing pricing documentations.
  •  Create a bid form and capture project specifics
  •  Define how construction works are valued during the course of a project


Construction law and standard forms of contract

  •  Identify various forms of contract used in the construction industry and specifically the North American market
  •  Describe the obligations, roles and responsibilities and duties imposed on parties under contracts
  •  Identify how the procurement/tender route impacts the selection of the appropriate form of contract and vice versa.
  •  Identify the principles of contact law and how contracts are agreed / executed.
  •  Describe contract procedures that deal with time, quality and value and their link to procurement and tendering.
  •  Describe of how contracts deal with dispute resolution and termination
  •  Define common contractual terms, clauses and mechanisms including bonds, insurances and damages.
  •  Define letters of intent – when and why they are used and how they stand in contract law.
  •  Identify contract documents and how they sit in the contract.


Project financial control and reporting

  •  Apply construction cost control methods and procedures
  •  Identify what a project cost report looks like, what it includes and what it shows
  •  Describe how contingency is managed and reported against.
  •  Define change order management and how change orders are valued, reviewed, recorded and agreed
  •  Describe how cost controls are implemented to manage cost, risk and schedule
  •  Identify cash flow forecasts and how and why they are used
  •  Define cost/value analysis
  •  Define final accounts and post project cost reporting


- Bachelor’s degree/B.E in related field will be an added advantage

- 4 to 6 years of work experience in C&I and MEP cost estimation

- Good to have knowledge in Spend Management, Analysis and Reporting with hands on Excel Experience, vendor management

- Communication Skills - Spoken & Written English. Hindi & Kannada will be an added advantage

- Knowledge of e Sourcing Tool like Ariba / SAP or Equivalent

- Experience in applying organizational standards when developing requests for proposals, negotiating terms

- Ability to systematically analyze complex problems, draw relevant conclusions and implement appropriate solutions. 

- Excellent negotiating and persuasive skills, both in one-on-one and group situations. 



- Reports to Manager, Cost Estimation

- Aligns with managers of Projects, Interior Design/Art and Graphics, MEP/ICT, Architects etc.